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Our client was looking to improve their cash metrics in order to enable their organization derive continuous business value, while reducing operational costs.

In order to fulfil this, we, at arvato, manage end-to-end ‘Order to Cash’ function for our client. We analyze and maintain all client service level agreements and do gap analysis of processes through constant review.

The Order to Cash management program that we run for the client has the following objectives:

Streamlining customer billing, invoicing payment processing, by:

  • Maintaining customer accounts in accordance with the agreed credit terms
  • Applying receipts to the customer account at invoice level and reconcile the account balances with client’s books
  • Handling customer queries, investigating and resolving them with refund or non-refund to customer's agreement on the resolution provided

At arvato, we are committed to successful relationships – internally and with our business partners. Our end-to-end proven ‘Order to Cash’ (O2C) processes enable organizations to optimize working capital from order management to cash collection and customers’ account reconciliation. Managing O2C is critical to business’ success, yet it can be time consuming and labor intensive. We provide our client O2C management solution that couples with know-how and technology to make the function run effectively.

We are proactive in addressing delayed payments and understand that ‘cash is king’ for our client. Our approach to invoice collection is that of customer service, and not of a collection agency. The better the rapport we have with our client’s customers, the easier it is to solve potential collection issues.

arvato supports the client by providing them a global billing solution, and a platform for billing, invoicing and payment processing. We service the client out of six locations worldwide, namely, Dublin (Ireland), Mountain View (the US), Gurgaon (India), Shanghai (China) ,Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Krakow(Poland)

Key Facts

  • Start of operations: March 2009 with 5 FTEs
  • Team size: Currently, 15 members across Collections, Accounting & Controllership , Customer Service, Billing & Administration
  • Support via phone, e-mail & chat
  • Service hours : 9 hrs x 5 days)
  • Support language: English for APAC region

arvato India operations is responsible for:
  • Collections function for 31 countries under APAC region, broadly divided under Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore & South East Asia
  • Manage 12 key products on ad words, display, enterprise & admob line of business
  • Portfolio size is over 3,000 APAC customers with revenue of over US$ 150 million per month, where over US$ 20 million cash is collected from Indian terms customers each month
  • Manage fulfilment responsibility to dispatch over 1,500 invoices to Indian customers within 72 hours’ timeframe
  • Over 900 payments manually applied & matched to 2,600 invoices each month with 100% accuracy rate
  • Over 3,000 collections correspondence with customers through e-mail
  • Over 4,000 customer queries handled in a month with a TAT of over 90%
  • Manage TDS responsibility for over 1,000 terms / prepay customers by collecting tax certificates & reconcile them with customer ledger

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Our client is widely recognized as the ‘world’s best search engine’. They serve corporate clients, advertisers, content publishers and site managers with cost-effective advertising, and a wide range of revenue generating search services through web and mobile platform.

Financial Services

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