Community Technical Centre: One Year Journey
Gurgaon, India, July 4, 2009

It’s been a wonderful and impressive year long journey for the Community Training Centre (CTC) program undertaken by arvato India in collaboration with one of its Technology Major Clients to help underprivileged youth to gain technologies and basic computing. In today’s technology driven society there is a need to be a little more qualified than the ‘can read and write’ tag. It is essential for an individual to be digitally literate as well, as it considerably impacts an individual’s potential.

With the vision of empowering the youth, arvato India has dedicated resources for this noble cause and we have managed to train close to a 100 students in a year’s time. Our aim was not just to make sure the students attain the 80% benchmark in order to be certified, but also to strengthen the quality of the course by incorporating internal tests and class activities. This in turn warrants not just a great pass percentage but also students scoring higher marks. arvato India is one of the main CTCs to have had an exceedingly good pass percentage with outstanding scores and brilliant students.

One year into the program, we have successfully managed to certify 92 Students with the Digital Literacy (DL) Certificate.Out of these 92 DL certified students:

  • 73 students scored above 90% which is 80% of the students who have qualified
  • 31 students scored above 95%, which is one-third to the qualifying students
  • 12 students have attained a perfect score. That is 13% of the qualifying students have got a 100%

We followed up with a couple of our students and have found some human interest stories to concoct to the success of the CTC program. There were two sisters who after being DL certified have found jobs as Computer Trainers in a Computer Education Institute, consequently making them financially independent. We also discovered a young man who while pursuing his MBA has found himself a part time job as an Office Assistant with a Multi National Company. This job earns him the money to support his education by himself without depending on his family. We are proud that, arvato India, in its endeavour to contribute to the society has managed to touch the lives of a few and make a difference.