arvato India donates to SOS Children’s Village, Bavana
Gurgaon, India, November 10, 2009

India faces plenty of social challenges, one being the ‘social divide’ which segments the country into the so-called ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. Therefore, in order to create and facilitate an environment of even-handed partnership between the civil and business, it is all the more important for the corporate to see Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the right perspective. Essentially, CSR is all about business giving back to society.

arvato India’s CSR initiatives have always been to promote education, as we believe that education alone can bridge the social divide of our country in a sustainable manner. In June of 2008 arvato India in collaboration with one of its Technology clients came up with the Community Technical Centre to impart free computer education to the youth from underprivileged backgrounds. This year we associated with SOS Children’s Village to aid in the education of 16 of their children, age group 9 to 16 years.

SOS Children’s Village is a non-profit, non-governmental, voluntary organization, committed to the care of children in need. SOS Children’s Village of India is a member of the world wide SOS family working in 132 countries with SOS-Kinderorf International as the umbrella organization. There are 39 SOS Children’s Villages including facilities for Tibetans children in India & their aim and objective is to provide long term family based care to orphaned children so that they grow up to be morally, ethically matured and financially independent individuals.

To help and support the Foundation, arvato India steps up with the SOS Children’s Village Donation Campaign in June 2009. A sum of Rs 86,000/- was raised by the employees of arvato India which was been doubled by the company and Rs 2, 00,000/- was donated towards one year’s education of 16 children. With the Corporate Responsibility in mind, the sum was offered to the Foundation to better the common good and lend a helping hand towards the noble cause. More than a hundred fifty arvato India employees proceeded for the cause with eagerness.

For the donation, Ms. Natasha Richa –Business Development Manager, arvato India visited the Village in Bavana, Haryana to formally hand over the sum to the Foundation Director. She was welcomed with an aarti, an Indian custom of ushering auspicious omen into the household. She interacted with all the children and found a wide scope of understanding and maturity displayed by their innocent minds. “These children are multi-faceted. Determination with perseverance, they are a bunch of deserving individuals”, says Ms. Richa.