arvato executes an adventurous road expedition for Renault Duster customers in India
Gurgaon/Bengaluru, 27th & 28th June, 2015

arvato India manages a club program for Renault Duster customers, with a base of more than 40k members pan-India. Our team registers customers to be part of ‘Gang of Dusters (G.O.D)’ program, organize activities like movie screening, road expeditions and referral programs with the aim to strengthen customer connect, create brand association and build connection between like-minded people – the Duster users.

As part of the club program that arvato India has been managing since 2 years now, G.O.D members were invited to participate in an adventurous road trip ‘Southern Rendezvous’ that included activities like white water rafting, outdoor activities, off-roading and Karaoke night in the itinerary.

It was an experience like never before. Over 500 kms, 100+ adventure addicts, 40+ Renault Dusters, 30+ crew members and 1 convoy… arvato India successfully executed the expedition from Bengaluru to Coorg (located in the state of Karnataka in South India) in 2 days.

Team arvato India proposed the expedition en route Bengaluru to Coorg targeting G.O.D members in the southern part of the country. Right from planning the entire journey in terms of route, venue management, stop-overs, adventure activities, customer collaterals, merchandise to creative delivery, production, set up to invitation and registration of G.O.D members for the expedition – team arvato owned the project completely.

The expedition objectives – travel, adventure, entertainment and amplification were well achieved resulting in various posts & comments on Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp by participants appreciating the overall experience. With this achievement, the client is eager to organise more such expeditions in the months to come.

Watch Renault Gang of Dusters – Southern Rendezvous :