Marketing Services

Relationship is the single biggest success story.

Customer Acquisition, Relationship Building and Retention – is an ongoing process and requires multiple touch points. arvato India offers an array of marketing services to successfully meet all your business and marketing requirements. Our integrated approach seamlessly combines marketing talent and technology along with customer service to build long-term partnerships for you and your customers.

We support both sales and marketing decisions throughout the customer life cycle. We do this by target-group customer profiling in combination with analysis that includes development of scorecards and automation of customer management processes. We track and measure results and work with clients to understand, improve and innovate on these metrics, thus, helping you maximize the impact on your target audience, increase ROI and efficiency, while lowering costs.

Our professionals work as consultants to our clients and propose customized solutions with the right suite of services, which may include data driven marketing and research programs, business lead generation, partner engagement programs, product road shows and events to meet their end objectives.

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