Supply Chain Management

Success can be planned.

"We can develop the right business solution just for you - customized, task-specific and efficient - in line with minimizing cost structures and satisfying customers.”

Since the onset of globalization, markets have become progressively international, their requirements increasingly complex, and coordination of material and information even more critical. arvato India provides comprehensive supply chain management solutions for mastering the challenges of the marketplace, now and in the future.

Gaining a lead on market shares and making customers happy requires innovation, speed, flexibility and service. At the same time, you cannot ignore the increasing pressure of keeping costs low. Get out of this trap – the answer is outsourcing! It allows you to cut costs, increase efficiency and strengthen your market position without risking the service quality.

The right SCM solution for every product

As a leading provider of supply chain management worldwide, we understand the complex nature of your distribution channels, from wholesale to retail to e-commerce to the end consumer.

arvato India provides you with all the building blocks you need for supply chain management.

  • Warehouse management & order management
  • Distribution & carrier management
  • Forward & reverse logistics
  • After-sales services
  • Marketing collateral management
  • Rewards & redemption fulfillment
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Case Study for Warehouse Management & Distribution

SCM solutions for world's largest English-language general trade book publisher

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