Order Management & Fulfilment

Our offerings optimize supply cycles and just-in-time distribution enabling flexibility and help avoiding overstocking, as well as over- or undersupply. With modern services in place throughout the supply chain management process, we ensure that every order is fulfilled quickly and smoothly. Various packaging solutions are made available for different kinds of merchandise to ensure protection against transportation & weather damage while in transit.

Invoice Generation

Preparation of invoice on behalf of the client, including ability to allocate material to client's cost/profile center and automatic tax calculation.

Order Collection and Processing

Typically from orders reception (via various media, phone, e-mail, fax, etc.) to capturing customer proprietary information and account level information in the workflow management systems to credit verifications.


Once valid orders are placed, it proceeds for fulfillment. Pick and pack services that can be manual or automated or even a combination to optimize productivity. Different merchandise have different packaging needs, thus we offer an array of packaging solutions to cater all needs.

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